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Project Details

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Project Description

Scaffold Resource furnished & installed a complete access scaffold system to support the restoration of the Iconic LDS Washington D.C. Temple spires. Our team strategically designed and executed a plan to crane materials to the roof and build and takedown scaffold on each spire until all spires were restored. We ensured that restoration experts had full access to all exterior stone surfaces for restoration and repairs. Concurrently, our team designed and installed an intricate interior access scaffold system and temporary shoring to assist the restoration team on interior work.

Scope of Work Included:

  • Provide & Install Systems Scaffold Access to the Six Exterior Spires for Stone Restoration- 2 spires phased movement.
  • Several Dance Floors/Work Platforms Installed- 5 interior locations.
  • Re-Shoring to stabilize interior during Lobby & Baptismal repairs.
  • Re-Shoring and Bracing required during new Stairs & Elevator Addition.
  • Interior Scaffold Access to repair large stained glass window.
scaffolding, rigging, and hoisting on Mormon Temple by Scaffold Resource

As one drives along the Capitol Beltway/Interstate 495 in Montgomery County, the large LDS Washington DC Mormon Temple cannot be overlooked. Scaffold Resource was proud to be part of the extensive historic restoration to this majestic structure. The Washington D.C. Temple has been a landmark in Montgomery County for drivers along the interstate since it opened in 1974. The Temple is an iconic and sacred place in the community. The extensive restoration that was completed in 2020, included mechanical upgrades, interior upgrades, new landscape, and an addition to the exterior to enclose a new elevator system and stairs.

To make these renovations possible, Scaffold Resource provided complete access to the spires for the stone restoration work. Materials were craned to the roof and loads were spread on the roof per engineer specifications. Full access was provided to all stone surfaces for restoration and repairs. Two spires were scaffold at a time and were moved when work was completed in phases until all spires had been accessed to complete the renovation.

Our talented team also engineered and supplied re-shoring to stabilize the interior sections during the repairs to the Lobby and Baptismal. A new stairway and elevator system was added to the building to accommodate the growing congregation. This area required three shoring towers to support the slab cuts in connecting to the original structure.

In addition, access was also provided for interior renovations throughout the Temple.  Scaffold and Dance Floors/ Work Platforms were utilized in six locations for various repairs on deteriorated surfaces. Theses platforms were installed in the West Wing Stairwell, Mechanical Room, East Wing Stairwell, 7th floor, 4th floor, and Lobby area to provide multiple trades access to the area of work. The 7th floor work platform required 2 rolling towers to access the ceiling in elevated locations. Along the South side spanning the length of the spires, a massive stained glass window required two scaffold platforms measuring 132 feet in elevation and 124 feet in elevation for major restoration and partial replacement to allow proper sunlight to reflect thru the historic artwork.

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