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If your Virginia, Maryland, or DC area company specializing in commercial or industrial construction or some other type of work that typically calls for your employees to operate at various heights, you will likely need to rent adjustable work platforms. A scaffolding rental is a great way to keep your employees safe while simultaneously ensuring that you will be able to get a job done. Before selecting scaffold rentals, use these tips to choose the right one.

Figure out how many of your employees will need to be on the scaffolding at one time

Will you only have one or two employees on your scaffolding rental at a time? If so, you still want to make sure that it can support them, but you probably don’t need to provide them with a gigantic platform that they won’t actually need. The size of your scaffolding rental should be just large enough to fit your employees comfortably so that they can complete their jobs and go about their business.

Determine how high you will need your employees to be while working

Are you going to be working on the second floor of a building—or helping to restore a tall bridge? Prior to picking out a work platform, you should consider how much height you will need. A system scaffold can be set up to accommodate most heights. We can engineer a suspended scaffold for any height based on needs for a worker to complete their work.

Keep the safety of your employees in mind at all times

If you pick a scaffold that is not the right size, you will be putting workers at risk.  Likewise, if you fail to erect a sidewalk canopy for overhead protection for pedestrians. Scaffold safety is the number one priority at Scaffold Resource at a construction work site.

Scaffold Resource provides commercial companies with adjustable work platforms serving Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland.  You can call (301) 924-7223 to reserve the right scaffolding for your company today.

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